Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Family!

so.... i thought i would start a blog because all the cool kids are doing it! It should also be fun since i LOVE telling people about my family! So where should i start?.... lets start with boy meet girl! nate and i have been together for what seems like forever! In july it will be 6 whole years. I met nate on the evening of my 17th birthday! We were at youth conference... a couple of days prior to us meeting i was walking around Nauvoo IL with some of my very best friends! Every time i would turn around there was this HOTTIE staring at me! haha well i thought he was following me around which he still denies to this day! He totally was! But anyway the night of my birthday we had a dance... i was looking super cute and confident of course and notice him looking my way... at that moment a slow song started playing.. i walked over to him and his group of friends and said loudly over the music 'WHO WANTS TO DANCE WITH ME!!' Nate and his clumsy self almost tripped as he rush to me.... seemed a little desperate but i liked it! LOL... we talked during the song none of which i could hear... and that was it. I actually thought his name was Nick. Exchanged numbers from there it was love! now we have been married for about a year and half and have a wonderful little boy named JAYSON... Jayson is my little character! He is so full of life and makes me happy everyday! His happiness is my happiness! He loves sharks and dinosaurs and swimming! He is a smart little guy and keeps me very busy!